Lighthouse Academy -
Virtual Private School

Welcome to Lighthouse Academy of Kansas where you may work on your school lessons from grade K - 12 online. Our academy also provides both online and on-site GED Prep courses where you may prepare for your GED exam. Students who enroll in the K-12 Program will work toward the requirements of an actual high school diploma. Your diploma is offered in partnership with an area school and is recognized by most area colleges in the state of Kansas and beyond. The Academy is open for any students. You do not have to be a Kansas resident to attend. The program is great for military families who move often or for home school families who are seeking teacher support. The courses are provided and graded by licensed educators. Parents are not required to oversee lessons. The academy keeps attendance records, posts grades, and provides transcripts and diplomas.

Lighthouse Academy is registered with the Kansas State Department of Education as a private school. Attendance requirements are met for virtual students by the students working on online coursework. The academy keeps all required attendance records. This unique service frees home school families up while providing a professional school environment for your child. The curriculum is carefully selected to meet your child's educational needs. OdysseyWare is the main course-ware that the academy uses along with individualized curriculum for students.

Students may work at home on lessens at home using a computer. Lighthouse Academy offers an on-site option where students may attend any time. There is a computer lab at the site for free public access. The academy also provides quarterly field trips for families who sign up for this option. This service provides the opportunity for your child to meet other home school children and to participate in a fun day at the site. Virtual field trips area also available for families who do not plan to attend at the site.

Monthly payment plans are available to meet your family budget needs. Discounts are given after your first child you enroll. To receive an enrollment packet, e-mail: [email protected] 

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